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Land Rover Experience Namibia - custom-made

You’ll be transferred by shuttle bus from your accommodation to where you’ll have your first briefing and can familiarise yourselves with the vehicles at 9AM to ensure an early departure. Everyone will have the opportunity to get acquainted with their Land Rover and get used to driving on the left-hand side of the road.

We’ll then drive north to our first lodge in the direction of Etosha. Located in its own game reserve, you’ll have the possibility to watch animals gathering to drink at the waterhole close to the lodge.

We leave the lodge to explore Namibia’s animal wildlife, our destination is Etosha National Park, one of the greatest game reserves in the world. Dense bush land and wide-open plains with large zebra and antelope herds await us on the journey. The meaning of Etosha is ‘place of dry water’ but it offers several waterholes, the meeting place for various diversity of species.

In our lodge for the evening, we can experience the magic of a starry African night once again – intensified by the distant roaring of a lion. During the day you can admire one drinking at a waterhole or dozing under a tree, if you’re lucky.

The evening, we sit very close to one of the few waterholes and watch numerous wild game emerging from the darkness.

Today we leave the park. After passing the Galton Gate we follow the Kamdesha route, which is renowned for its extremely dusty roads. Passing the Kamdesha Veterinary control point we’ll be heading through the plains of the Mopane savannah. It gets really dusty after that. We’ll be crossing the so-called “dust holes”. The sand is so fine here that it raises dust like water splashing from a puddle while driving through the passage in our Land Rovers.

In the afternoon, we reach our accommodation for the night and a relaxing dinner is served.

We continue our journey through the Palmwag concession area. Here we’ll get another convincing demonstration of the unparalleled off-road mobility of our Land Rovers. The route leads us through Namibia’s open spectacular plains.

We’ll spend the night after experiencing a fabulous sunset over the Etendeka Mountains and the red sandstone cliffs of Twyfelfontein.

We’ll be leaving quite early because we want to reach today’s destination of Swakopmund. We drive through the beautiful and bizarre mountain landscape with a good chance of spotting mountain zebras and other wild animals.

Afterwards the landscape changes. The rough coast welcomes us with long beaches. The town of Swakopmund is located between gigantic dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. Its typical buildings from the German Colonial Era shape the cityscape.

Today promises an extraordinary adventure as we go on a thrilling dune driving experience within the Namib-Naukluft Park desert. Feel your heart race as you conquer towering sand dunes, with their golden peaks stretching along the ocean.

The afternoon offers a well-deserved break to immerse yourself in the charm of Swakopmund, where you can freely explore the town’s delightful mix of coastal beauty and vibrant local culture at your leisure.

Spend the day exploring Sossusvlei and its stunning sand dunes with your Land Rover Experience team. Visit Deadvlei and climb some of the highest sand dunes in the world.

Optional activities in the afternoon include a dune nature walk, Namib Mountain trail, Namib desert on horseback, a sundowner drive, and stargazing.

Dinner and overnight at Namib Outpost.

Another day at Sossusvlei. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable desert landscape. If you haven’t done it yet, conquer some of the world’s tallest sand dunes, an exhilarating experience that offers breathtaking panoramic views.

As the day unfolds, choose from a range of optional activities, such as a dune nature walk, Namib Mountain trail, Namib desert on horseback, a sundowner drive, and stargazing.

Dinner and overnight at Namib Outpost.

Today is yours to embrace the wonders of the Kalahari at your own pace. With a full day at leisure, immerse yourself in the untouched beauty and tranquillity.

Engage in activities that resonate with your spirit of exploration: visit a traditional San village, go on a game drive, see the Red Dunes, try a sundowner drive, and stargazing at night.

Another exciting day awaits as you continue your exploration of the Kalahari.

You may immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region by visiting a traditional San village, where you can learn about their ancient traditions and way of life.

Or seek out the diverse wildlife that thrives in this harsh yet mesmerizing environment.

For a change of scenery, head to Sossusvlei to see the majestic Red Dunes that paint the landscape with their vibrant hues.

As the day winds down, treat yourself to a sundowner drive, allowing the beauty of the Kalahari to unfold before you as the sun dips below the horizon.

And when darkness falls, look up to see the awe-inspiring spectacle of stargazing, as the vast expanse of the night sky reveals its countless stars and constellations.

After a late check out at Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge we will embark on the last leg of our tour to our final destination, Windhoek.

The Land Rover team will transfer you to the airport for your evening departure. Then it’s time to say goodbye!

We hope you had a great time with us in Namibia and have made many exciting memories.

Have a safe journey and we hope to see you again on one of our future Land Rover Experience Adventures.

Please note the itinerary timings are subject to change.



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